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Exceptional balance and hearing health care here in the Pine Belt.

Contact us for a hearing and balance evaluation.

Hearing aids, balance evaluations and more.

At Advanced Hearing and Balance, you can find relief from all issues concerning your hearing and balance. We treat tinnitus symptoms, carry the latest hearing aids and other listening devices, create custom earplugs, offer comprehensive hearing and balance evaluations, and treat countless issues that may be the root cause of your struggles with hearing and balance.

Hearing Problems?

Our team of experts at Advanced Hearing and Balance can discover the causes of your hearing difficulties, whether it’s a sudden issue or one that has been coming on for some time. As we age, it’s natural for our hearing to worsen. If we can’t treat the problem, we’ll give you access to hearing aids and listening devices to make it easier for you to hear what you’ve been missing. 

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Balance Problems?

A wide variety of issues may affect your balance as you age. If you’re struggling with balance, it’s pertinent that you come to us to find the proper solutions because the condition can range from inconvenient to downright dangerous. Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV) is a condition that originates in the inner ear, making the people who suffer from it feel dizzy and out of balance. 

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Amber Ortego

Dr. Pace was so knowledgeable and kind. She was so good with my step-son. I recommend this clinic and Dr.Pace. You won’t regret it!”
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