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What You Need To Know Before You Visit

Once you’ve scheduled your comprehensive hearing and balance evaluations with Advanced Hearing and Balance, you’re well on your way to learning what the problem is—and finding the solutions that will meet your needs. Before your appointment, there are a few steps you can take to make your evaluation and treatment a smoother process. 

Before Your Appointment

If you’ve suffered from hearing loss, take note of the times and situations in which you’ve struggled to hear those around you. Taking note of specific circumstances can provide crucial information to the hearing specialists at Advanced Hearing and Balance and help with diagnosis. 

During your comprehensive evaluation from the balance experts at Advanced Hearing and Balance, you'll receive an in-depth ear check, balance tests, and an information-gathering session. After your evaluation, we'll discuss the results and develop a treatment plan.


Please download our Balance Evaluation document at 48 hours prior to your evaluation.

Can Hearing Aids Help?

Contact us for a hearing and balance evaluation.

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For 99% of people with any degree of hearing loss, hearing aids can improve their quality of life. Isn’t it time you heard the people who matter to you most, without strain or embarrassment? 

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